Guide to Submitting Artwork:


  • Vector artwork is required for most signage jobs. Vector artwork is an image created of points and paths and is editable, scalable, and able to be separated for color editing. Acceptable file formats can include:  .ai / .eps / .pdf  ( At this time we can not use  .indd files ).


  • Raster artwork is not usually acceptable for use in signage as it is an image created from many pixels and is not editable, scalable, or able to be separated for color correction or editing. Raster images are only acceptable as photographs or similar style artwork.  A resolution of 300 – 600 dpi is required for best results.


  • If a color match is required, submit files in four color format ( CMYK ) or with  Spot / PMS ( Pantone ) colors noted in the file.


  • Convert all fonts to paths/outlines.  If sending live text, the fonts used must be included in order to be displayed and printed correctly.


  • Include or embed all placed images.


  • Bleeds and crop marks are not usually required.  We can add if needed.


  • We can not use files from desktop publishing programs such as Word or Publisher for production but they can be provided for reference or quoting purposes.


Acceptable File Formats:  AI, EPS, PDF, PSD

Submit Your Files:       EXPRESS SIGNS FILE UPLOAD

  • Be sure to include the company name, contact information, and any other pertinent information in the submitting form or in a separate email.
  • Please include (or send via email ) a low resolution jpeg image to be used as confirmation that the digital file was uploaded correctly and fully intact.


Give us a call to discuss options or if you have questions on how to submit artwork.  301-682-5200

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