At Express Signs, we understand the importance of using good design elements on every type of sign and marketing product we offer. We also know that when creating a design, one approach does not fit all.  For example, a design format that looks great on your business cards is probably not going to work as well on the company van.

That’s why we are committed to working with you to provide quality design options appropriate for your needs and marketing strategy – whether they be for short term basic signage or long term identity branding and promotion.


Design Services:

Logo Design – Full Package:  This service includes the process of creating an original branding identity that is unique to your company or organization for use in your signage and other marketing media. The fee includes the purchase of all copyrights to the design and we provide you with the logo on disc in various formats. Logo packages are typically billed separately from the cost of signage and we keep your design and order information on file for use in any future sign jobs we produce for you.


Sign Only Package:  This service includes designing a logo or layout intended for use on your signage only. In this package, your are purchasing the rights to the design for ongoing use on any signage we produce for you.  We do keep the design and all order history on file and you can purchase the full copyrights to it at any time.


A Note on Copyright:


We’ve learned over the years, that the perception of who “owns” a design can be somewhat of a grey area when it comes to the purchase of signage. Technically, under copyright law, the creator of any design retains the copyright to that image unless the copyright is reassigned through purchase or other arrangements.



The design of promotional signage can fall into this “grey area” because people don’t typically perceive of the process as a creative one, or as graphic design. But, in fact, that is exactly what it is. What adds to the confusion is the fact that sign companies produce products that range from utilitarian and functional items to custom, one-of-a-kind works of art.



We’ve attempted to clarify the “ownership” issue by breaking our process down into the two Design Package options listed above. You can now make a simple choice based on your branding needs and/or your budget requirements and we can then provide the best design services and signage for your goals.

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